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stefan_klaus's Journal

A Stefan/Klaus community
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Welcome to stefan_klaus, a community for all things related to Stefan/Klaus from the CW show The Vampire Diaries

1. Please stay on topic. Posts made to this community need to be related to Stefan and/or Klaus, and The Vampire Diaries show. Posts specifically about Stefan (Paul Wesley) and Klaus (Joesph Morgan), however we don't allow posts about other Stefan or Klaus pairings.

2. All fic posts should contain a header with title, spoilers, characters/pairing, rating, summary, and any warnings. The heading information can be formatted however you choose but please include this information so potential readers can have an idea of what they are checking out.

3. No funny formatting. No colorful text, no giant font.

4. When posting icons only post a maximum of 3 outside of a cut to preview.

5. No large graphics outside of a cut. This includes banners and videos. This is to prevent the graphics from breaking users layouts who are viewing the community from their friends list. All graphics need to be 400px wide or smaller to be outside of a cut.

6. Tag your posts! Please use the appropriate tags when posting. If you cannot find a specific tag for a post please tag it with !needs tags and a moderator will tag it.

7. Place all spoilers under a cut. This includes information about an episode or upcoming episode, guest starts, and pictures from current or future episodes.

8. Promotion of Stefan/Klaus related communities IS allowed but please only once. If you would like to promote something more then once or if what you want to promote isn't Stefan/Klaus related please PM chosenfire28.

9. Treat others with respect. Do not be rude to other members of the community. If you have a problem with another member of a community PLEASE page a mod to handle it.

If you would like to affiliate with stefan_klaus please PM chosenfire28 or leave a comment here.

Our affiliates are:

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